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      The company has a creative work, full of vitality and cohesion of the team. The company also trained a large number of skilled  front-line workers which includes riveters , welders and operators. All workers own  classification welder qualification certificate which ensure the stability of the product technology and quality reliability.
      The company sets up a professional warehouse in Dalian includes several professional warehouse workers. They provide full service of electrical out fittings through product design, production, distribution, installation, linkage debugging for shipyard and delivery products according to clients need.
      In order to meet market demand, the company also sets professionals  across the country in main ship manufacturing area. The company always try to provide clients with perfect warehousing logistics solutions and after-sales service.
    The company has professional research and development testing team and equipments. It was identified as national high and new technology enterprise in 2011 and had grown into an enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and  core technology of science and technology innovation-oriented  feature. It also trained a group of outstanding professional and technical personnel through constant innovation.
      The company approved by the Fushun city technology bureau sets up Fushun Obali engineering technology research center in 2014. The company also sets up  Liaoning province engineering technology research center in 2015, approved by  Liaoning province Science and Technology Agency. It has become the technical source of ship and offshore engineering out fittings technological research and development in our province. For the enterprise technological innovation ability, it provides a strong support and guarantee. It also provides chance for science and technology personnel
      The company introduced research and development team from Singapore and New Zealand in 2014. It also brought  in foreign advanced design concept combined with outfitting industry in the actual application situation and join each expert to enterprise's products from design to manufacturing process improvement to realize products design and manufacture of electromechanical integration
      At the same time the company also continue to strengthen the cultivation of the talent team itself to meet the needs of enterprise development in the future, which lays a foundation for the long-term development of the enterprise.
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